While I was waiting for my car to be fixed, I sat down and took some shots for all the cars passing by on Alabang-Zapote road. Here are the pictures that I got, different vehicles and different people, see the "DIFFERENCES".

Filipino's unique public transportation. A jeepney and a tricycle.
Jeepneys are the most common public form of transportation in the Philippines. Sabi nga ng The Calling, "Wherever you Will Go" - may jeep, hehe (corny ko). Tricycles are motorcycles with sidecars, on the picture above, you can squeeze 5 people in it including the driver ( only in the Philippines!, hehe). Tricycles rides within a subdivision or villages, the tricycle riding above is on national road, so meaning this was used as private transportation.

Ride With Me
Whats the difference?
Yung bata masayang masaya sa ride nya.
Yung naka-blue, masakit ata ang ulo sa ride nya. hehe.

Riding on Opposite Sides
No comment here...you can add yours on comments if you want, hehe.

Pedal or Push?
I wonder what he's looking at. Hmmm, di ko alam kung nangongolekta ng basura yung naka side car. Si manong naman sobrang sipag, this is not first time that he passed by on this road, he was going back and forth pushing this cart with that green bucket, maybe he's collecting spoiled foods from fast food chains to feed his pigs.

Kinds of SUVs
There are two kinds of SUV's. First class and cheap hehe, joke! The white SUV on the right is called "FX", derived from Toyota's Tamarraw FX, so kahit Adventure yan or Avanza, basta may taxi, FX pa rin tawag, hehe.

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Couples or Commuters?
Couple 1: Naku naiwan pa tayo ng jeep! Bad trip naman!
Couple 2: Maglakad na lang kayo, tignan nyo kami may payong.
( korny!, hehe )

Las Pinas TRANS
One of my favorite bus is TAS Trans ( green bus ). Ayoko na sa ibang bus, iisa lang tingin ko sa mga yan, masisipag lahat ng drivers nyan, masipag maghintay ng pasahero at kasabay ka sa paghihintay kaya late ka na rin sa pupuntahan mo. Pero maganda bus ngaun ng Altransco ah, hehe, makakanood ka ng DVD habang naghihintay, hehe.